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Family Martial Arts' dynamic Tae Kwon Do system not only trains you in one of the world's most energetic martial arts disciplines but also prepares you to be a Black Belt in every aspect of your life. Family Martial Arts' intense Hap Ki Do curriculum provides you with the power and skill to protect yourself and those you love. Each lesson conditions you physically and mentally improve your coordination, fitness, and stamina while sharpening your concentration, discipline, and focus.

Family Martial Arts offers different programs to fit your family's diverse needs. Whether you're seeking an exciting activity to further bond your family together or a truly electrifying self-improvement experience, our school features classes for students of every age! Give yourself and your family the gifts of better health, increased confidence, greater focus, and good sportsmanship keys to success that you'll see reflected not only in the training area but in the classroom and the workplace.

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Through our Forest's Edge Yoga program, relieve your stress, become attuned to your body, and explore abilities you never knew existed within you. Enjoy yoga with your children, siblings, or spouse in Family Yoga. Stretch your mind and your muscles in our Gentle Yoga class. Release your tension, leave your worldly responsibilities at the door, and focus on yourself in Restorative Yoga. Discover physical and mental peace, relaxation, and self awareness.


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Our web site has been updated to include Forest's Edge Yoga information now. Be sure to check it out; it's all the way to the right of the menu bar!


A reminder that Saturday TKD and yoga classes are cancelled due to the Martian Invasion in Dearborn. See everyone next week!


Drop in for our Restorative Yoga class at 5:30 PM. A great way to relax your body and unwind your mind after a day of work!


Family Martial Arts will be holding Tae Kwon Do, Hap Ki Do, and yoga classes during Easter Weekend. Please be sure to let us know if you will not be attending due to the holiday.


Wishing our students a safe and happy Spring Break!


Congratulations to students Alex D. and Bryce H., who succesfully tested for their next ranks at our March 2014 testing. Way to go!


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